une œuvre pour l’ écho des rêves II (2011)

for orchestra, 2.2.1, 3 perc, piano/celesta, harp, strings
1st Prize in the Toru Takemitsu Award 2012 (judge: Toshio Hosokawa)
Premiere: Tokyo Philarmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Noahiro Totsuka
Tokyo Opera, May 27th, 2012
Duration: 14’min


"The music meticulously written, each note well selected, this work is composed by a person who truly listens to his or her inner voice and ponders over it. The orchestration is exquisite: harp, piano, celesta and vibraphone drawing in heavenly colors. Some abrupt tutti forte around the middle, are they symbolizing any memory of a former nightmare? Although the well written score makes one take it as a good piece of music at first sight, then one can not help feeling gradually that there ought to be something rather out of ordinary in the mind of this particular composer."

Toshio Hosokawa
Nov 18, 2011

"une œuvre pour l'écho des rêves II" by Mr. Ioannis Angelakis is a very lively work by a young genius, just 23 years old. His music reminds me of young Mendelssohn's sonority, and it is the type of music only young talented person can write. Passage after passage there was creativity and musicianship, and on every page. Furthermore, he has musical depth and I was often very struck by his music. However, as a composer, he doesn't quite have the finished touch yet and sometimes the ideas are too rich and the musical spring is too productive for one composition to support, so there was small room for improvement. If he can edit the beauty of the details with more control, his work will be even more wonderful."

Toshio Hosokawa
May 27, 2012

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