Invited Lecture at Northwestern University


On April 12 I will present my works FRAGILE (2022) and STEREO FONIE (2022) to the composers of Northwestern University in Chicago. Bienen School of Music, room 118, 5-6.30pm.

Invited Lecture at New York University


On April 5 I will present the lecture Embodying materiality and enacting a lived sound-space: from fragile sounds to the fragile world from the perspective of a composer at the New York University Music Department. Silver Center, room 220, 11am-13.30pm.

My recent works are geared to fragile sounds that are inherently unstable and constantly moving. These sounds are not fully notatable by the composer and not fully controllable by the performers because they come with their own logic of unfolding, emerge each time anew, and elude representation. The compositional approach of developing sound materials that resist conforming into predetermined gestures points to a shift from transcendence to the logic of embodiment, from an interval-based or even gestural activation of sound to a sound-based encapsulation of timbre that pulls us toward the interior space of sound, and, therefore, from the visual representation to the aural presentation of sound events. Not only do these sounds presuppose a particular body-instrument relationship, but they also call for a new mode of listening awareness, one that focuses on the human body as the underlying source of sound that generates its own sense of time and space. It is the embodiment of materiality that gives prominence to a new form of lived sound-space, that is, a group of interrelated bodies that exists in time and space like a living organism. Through examples from my work, I will extensively elaborate on the relation between embodiment and lived sound-space as well as on sound’s fragile nature that points beyond sound.

Two Invited Lectures at New England Conservatory


On March 24 & 31, 2022 I will present my works DUST (2021) and STEREO FONIE (2022) to the composers of New England Conservatory in Boston. Many thanks to Stratis Minakakis for inviting me in his classes.

Premiere of my new work FRAGILE


My new work FRAGILE, for five performers (2022), commissioned by Brandeis University and the Henri Lazarof International Commission Prize 2021, will be premiered in Boston on March 27, 2022 by Jeff Means (conductor) and Sound Icon. More Information about the concert, the program, ticket reservations, and links for online streaming check here

Premiere of my new work STEREO FONIE by Neuevocalsolisten in Stuttgart


My new work stereo fonie, for two male voices and two singing accordionists (2022), which was developed and workshopped in Darmstadt's Summer Course 2021, will be premiered by Neuevocalsolisten in Theaterhaus Stuttgart on March 20, 2022. More Info Here

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