Éternelle, Inassouvie… II (2012)

for viola and double bass
Winner of the TAKEFU Composition Award of TAKEFU International Music Festival in Japan
Premiere: Viola: Yoshiko Hannya, Double Bass: Shishey Mitsui
Echizen Cultural Center in Takefu, Fukui: September 8th, 2012
Duration: 12’min


The extremely high-pitched, sustained notes in the two string instruments, intertwined with dramatic figures of cresendi and decrescendi end up with abrupt and violent passages. This principal musical idea, presented in the very beginning of the work, is constantly varied, developed, and transformed aiming to give the sense of an eternal repetition which never fulfills my unquenchable desire for listening to it.

À la très chère, à la très belle
Qui remplit mon coeur de clarté,
À l'ange, À l'idole immortelle,
Salut en l'immortalité!

Elle se répand dans ma vie
Comme un air imprégné de sel,
Et dans mon âme inassouvie
Verse le goût de l'éternel

Charles Baudelaire
(1857/Fleurs Du Mal)

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